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National Bio Energy Tongliao Biomass Power Plant in China (PROJECT-ID:2502)

Image source: Pixabay

Renewable Energy Generating from Agricultural Biomass

The National Bio Energy Tongliao Biomass Power Plant is located in Horqin District, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The biomass power plant, with a capacity of 12 MW, uses local surplus biomass residues (mainly corn straw) to generate electricity. The project includes a 48 t/h biomass-fired boiler using technology from the Danish company BWE, which is a world leader in the production of biomass boilers and biomass cogeneration. This will supply approximately 81 GWh of electricity to the Northeast China power grid, using approximately 113,000 tons of biomass residues per year.

The biomass used by the project, which is mainly collected from the surroundings of the project, was not used for energy purposes prior to the project.
Project operation results in displacement of coal-dominated power generation that would otherwise be generated to supply the northeast China grid and avoidance of CH4 emissions, as the straw would otherwise be landfilled or left to rot or burned uncontrolled.

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Geothermal Power Plant Dora II in Turkey (PROJECT-ID: GS445)

Image source: South Pole

The Dora II geothermal power plant in the southwestern Turkish province of Aydin has a capacity of 9.5 MW.
In 20 years, Dora II will have reduced 280,000 tons of carbon and made an important contribution to rural and regional development.
In addition to CO2 reduction, the project increases energy security, improves air quality, supports the Turkish geothermal industry, and improves network infrastructure and stability through new transmission lines.

Furthermore, the project meets the four Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Implementing climate protection actions
  • Clean and cheap energy
  • Better education for all people
  • Human working conditions and economic growth

The Dora II geothermal project has created new jobs in an otherwise agrarian society. In addition, Dora II has made it possible to build a new school for nurses, including new equipment, a greenhouse heated by waste heat from the geothermal plant, a playground with a basketball court and a road.

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